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Our Apple Bitrum Group A provides services to iCloud Unlock.

Official iCloud Unlock (Remove iCloud) 

Official unlock iCloud. You must break the connection with the iCloud, in the shortest possible time we will provide a service to remove iCloud from devices with access to the menu but enabled find my iPhone. In order to remove the iCloud, You don't need to send or bring the device to us, iCloud remove is carried out remotely, we do not require prepayment. We Unlock iCloud, and you can pay after positive result. to unlock iCloud lost/erased on the device, you must order the "Apple ID owner info" - this will increase the chance to unlock your iPhone. Unlock iCloud clean/lost/erased allows you to delete from iCloud, after unlocking the device never locks back.­­ 



  Apple ID Owner INFO - The Service Is Available !

Data recovery service Apple ID (If you have forgotten your username or bought locked phone, want to contact the owner, or you can use our service to unlock it. 

1-7 Days Not Stable $ 55                              
iCloud CLEAN Unlock iСloud mode CLEAN (the price depends on the country of sale and the store where it was bought by this device.
Succes 90-99% 99-179$
IMEI check IMEI check Clean/lost Country and store sales.
10-30 minutes 4$               
Database TRIBAZA -  IMEI check - world register of professionals! 
This service allows you to check attempts to unlock your device from iCloud 
20 minutes - 5 hours 5$
Full iCloud removal from active devices. With Access to menu.  iCloud removal on the active devices menu  (iOS 7.x - 10.x)
20 minutes - 5 hours 30
Removal iCloud - "Premium Clean" "Premium unlock icloud" 48 - 72 hours only Clean"
48-72 hours 249    $
Remove iCloud LOST/ERASED Official unlock (With have owner message in screen) number or mail 75-90% Success - No Deposit 1-7 days 49-69$
iCloud Unlock Premium Lost - Clean  Premium Unlock, Lost-Clean (With Apple ID INFO) 72 hours 100 $

Apple Bitrum Group "A"

Service for data recovery of the owner's Apple ID - $ 55  "Apple ID Owner INFO"

TRIBAZA - world register of professionals! (Database)This service allows you to check the previous attempts unlock iCloud and to check freshness IMEI...

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Respect and approach to Each! 
Unlock iPhone, iPad, Mac Remotely in any country.
We are always available 24/7 
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                         Answers and Questions :
  • Question: can You unlink icloud from active devices which is included in the menu, but it's worth someone else's icloud? and on what firmware? and will it be possible to flash the update to do a reset?
  • Answer: Yes. success is 75%. for any Ios (Including Ios 10.xx) no shipments, no pre-payment. This is the official unlock from Apple server. after unlocking device will never lock back.
  • Question: I found iPhone 4, 4s, 5. and it blocked icloud asks to enter data which I do not know whether it is possible to unlock?
  • Answer: This phone can be unlocked but unfortunately pricing iPhone 4,4 s,5. is not true, unlocking will cost 50-150$ and most likely it will not be profitable due to market price outdated iPhone.
    Question: please Tell me! if I forgot your username and password remember, is it possible to do something in this situation? the phone is brand new.
  • Answer: of Course, you can order the service data recovery Apple ID Info. equity 39$ 5-7 days. data will be all accounts this iPhone. Then reactivate your phone.
  • Question: Friends, tourists, brought my phone from Europe, it worked until I inserted the SIM card, then the screen is written a phone number and iphone has been lost. is it possible to unlock?
  • Answer: Yes, the service is Lost/erased iPhone,iPad in the price. Price unlock 49-69$ depending on model of iPhone,IPad. no pre-payment. the success of 75-80%
  • Question: is cooperation Possible? I would like to buy the phones to lock and unlock them you can have wholesale prices? and how to know did this phone already unlock ?
  • Response: regarding the cooperation please contact the contact numbers. wholesale prices for the cooperation provided. To check for attempts to unlock iCloud possible, the phone in the work order services: Check IMEI price$ 4 check in the common database.
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